Suzuki Dzire 2023

4 months ago

The Suzuki Dzire is one of the versatile and distinctive cars offered by the Japanese company Suzuki, combining fuel-efficient performance with an attractive appearance, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking for an economical and flexible car, especially for daily commutes.

As for the performance of the 2023 Suzuki Dzire, the car boasts fuel-efficient consumption alongside strong performance for its users. It features a 1.2-liter petrol engine equipped with modern technologies aimed at reducing fuel consumption and providing greater driving power, resulting in a more flexible and comfortable driving experience.

The Suzuki Dzire 2023 comes with a luxurious exterior design that blends elegance with dynamism. Its compact design features sleek lines and a striking front grille that commands attention, reflecting strength and quality in an attractive appearance. Additionally, the car is equipped with shiny alloy wheels, adding a touch of beauty and elegance.

Regarding the interior design, the cabin is spacious and comfortable, with fabric seats providing maximum comfort for passengers. It is equipped with many technological features aimed at enhancing usability and providing a unique driving experience during daily commutes. Among these features are a large screen and a fantastic quality sound system for an enjoyable journey. Additionally, several safety systems are available to ensure the safety and security of passengers, including collision prevention braking system and others aimed at passenger safety and security.

Suzuki Dzire 2023 specifications

  • The car has a 1200 cc engine with 4 cylinders running on petrol.
  • It also features an automatic transmission and a front-wheel-drive system.
  • The car comes with a petrol engine system.
  • The car consumes fuel at a rate of 21 liters per kilometer.
  • It has a torque of 113 Newton/meter.
  • It also has 16 valves.
  • The car boasts a power of up to 82 horsepower.
  • The Suzuki Dzire 2023 has a fuel tank capacity of 37 liters per kilometer.
  • It comes with 15-inch alloy wheels.
  • The car has a manually operated handbrake.
  • The Suzuki Dzire 2023 comes with a remote control.
  • It includes a rear armrest for cup holders.
  • There's an airbag for both the driver and the passenger for added safety.
  • The car includes several systems, such as the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP).
  • It has a brake assist system and a traction control system.
  • Additionally, it features a tire pressure monitoring system.
  • The car is equipped with an Eco Boost system.

Suzuki Dzire 2023 features

  • One of the prominent features of the car is the presence of remote central locking with an optical sensor.
  • The car also includes a signal receiver on the roof.

Suzuki Dzire interior

The Suzuki Dzire 2023 boasts a distinctive interior design and 5 seats made of soft and comfortable velvet fabric. Additionally, it offers manual adjustment for both the driver and front passenger seats in multiple directions to provide maximum comfort for passengers. The car features advanced technologies such as one-touch electric window opening and closing.

As for unique features not found even in its competitors, it includes rear seat air conditioning vents, contributing to optimal air distribution at the back, and ease of electric steering wheel adjustment. Moreover, it offers high-quality technological features to facilitate daily driving, such as Bluetooth technology, a large graphical interface screen with USB port, a sound system with four speakers (front and rear) and volume control buttons, wireless smartphone charger, and several systems including cruise control, radio system (CD, MP3, USB, WMA), navigation system, and anti-lock braking system.

The exterior design of the 2023 Suzuki Dzire

As for the exterior design of the Suzuki Dzire 2023, it boasts the best appearance ever in this category as it belongs to the unique sedan class. The car combines a luxurious appearance with a practical dynamic shape, starting from the front where the brand's distinctive S logo is centered in the car's grille, extending to the sharp headlights. The car features front fog lights and rear fog lights to improve visibility at night, in addition to powerful LED stop lamps and multi-reflector halogen headlights.

The car comes with electrically operated mirrors, and it has color-matched mirrors that are electronically foldable with turn signals.

Suzuki dzire price

The car comes with many features that contribute to its higher price, but despite that, the Japanese company Suzuki has offered us a unique and comprehensive piece at reasonable prices. It caters to a wide range of individuals and demographics looking for small-sized cars with all the specifications, performance, comfortable design, and the distinctive price of Suzuki Dzire in the Saudi market. You can get your Suzuki Dzire 2023 from AlTamweel Al-Hadith Exhibition located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.