Everything you want to know about 2023 Ford Ranger in Saudi Arabia

2 weeks ago

Amidst the variety of powerful trucks, the 2023 Ford Ranger enters the automotive world to assert itself as the ideal choice for adventure and safari enthusiasts, as well as for personal and commercial use. It combines powerful performance with an attractive design, and the Ford Ranger Diesel is the perfect companion for drivers on rough terrains and heavy use.

The Ford Ranger 2023 is a pickup truck, meaning it is a small or mid-sized truck with an open rear bed. The 2023 Ranger Diesel is commonly used for commercial purposes, such as transporting goods and equipment, as well as for personal use like trips and adventures. It is capable of hard work and handling heavy loads.

Specifications of the 2023 Ranger Diesel

The 2023 Ford Ranger available in Saudi Arabia offers a variety of engine options and advanced technologies for the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. It also provides safety systems.

As mentioned before, the Ford Ranger Diesel is a mid-sized pickup truck that can withstand harsh conditions and terrains. It has good towing and hauling capabilities.

Features of the 2023 Ranger Diesel

The Ranger Diesel 2023 is equipped with many systems, including:

  • Hill descent control system
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS), and it has a large and comfortable storage space, allowing for long and enjoyable adventures and trips
  • Lane-keeping system
  • Parking assistance and remote alert system
  • Electronic system for switching between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Active park assist
  • Rearview camera

Engines of the 2023 Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger Diesel offers several engine options, which are essential and vital components that provide power to the car, generate movement, and operate systems like lighting, media, and heating and cooling systems. The engines also provide power for the drivetrain, top speed, and vehicle steering, allowing for proper movement and control of the car.

The engines available for the Ford Ranger Diesel include:

  • Ford Ranger Engine:

    • 6-speed automatic transmission
    • 10-speed automatic transmission
    • Four-wheel drive system
    • Driving modes: Normal, Sand, Mud
  • 3.2L 5-cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine:

    • Top speed: Approximately 175 km/h
    • 0 to 100 km/h in about 10.6 seconds
    • Power: 197 hp and 470 Nm of torque
  • 2.2L 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine:

    • Top speed: Approximately 170 km/h
    • 0 to 100 km/h in 12.5 seconds
    • Power for the base model: 148 hp and 375 Nm of torque
    • Power for XL, XLS, and XLT trims: 158 hp and 385 Nm of torque

Exterior Design of the 2023 Ford Ranger

The exterior design reflects the car's personality as it is a work of art. The lines and curves are carefully and technically designed to enhance its beauty and express its performance simultaneously, attracting attention and conveying a strong message about the car and its power.

The exterior design includes:

  • Front Bumper: Equipped with a skid plate in chrome and black, and mud flaps at the front and rear to protect the lower part from mud
  • Wheels: Sizes 16, 17, or 18 inches
  • Rear: Assisted tailgate and a top cover for the rear bed
  • Lighting System: Off-road and hazard lighting with advanced front and rear fog LED lights, and daytime running lights shaped like a "C". The 2023 Ford Ranger also features a central upper stoplight.
  • Colors: Different exterior colors such as white, light silver, bronze silver, blue, dark silver, black, and orange-yellow.

Interior Design of the 2023 Ford Ranger

The interior design of any car forms the environment where passengers spend most of their time while driving. Just as the exterior design embodies the car's personality, the interior design also impacts the personal impression of the 2023 Ford Ranger and affects the driving experience and comfort.

The interior design includes:

  • Seating: Leather seats with a comfortable interior design, making it suitable for daily use and continuous consumption. It also offers electric seat adjustment, enhancing the driving experience and lumbar support.
  • Lighting: LED ambient lighting around the seats, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.
  • Sound System: Two, four, or six-speaker systems, with a Bang & Olufsen sound system featuring ten speakers depending on the trim.
  • Technological Features: 3.5 or 8-inch touchscreen, navigation system, USB ports, and SYNC 3 entertainment system.

Safety Systems in the 2023 Ford Ranger

The 2023 Ranger Diesel is equipped with basic safety systems aimed at protecting the driver and passengers, reducing risks for a safer driving experience. The Ford Ranger Diesel offers several safety and security systems, including:

  • Pre-collision mitigation system with pedestrian detection
  • Electric door locks: Automatic locking once the car starts, ensuring secure closure and adding elegance and sophistication
  • Keyless entry: Remote control to open the car and start the air conditioner before entering, saving time
  • Tire pressure monitoring system: To maintain proper air pressure in the tires for road safety, fuel efficiency, reduced wear, and improved driving performance and slip resistance
  • Seatbelts: To reduce injuries, comply with legal requirements, and stabilize passengers in their seats
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and hill descent control
  • Airbags: To reduce serious injuries, protect younger passengers, and provide additional protection
  • Lane departure warning: Helps the driver stay on a safe path by providing audible, visual, or vibration alerts to correct the driving course
  • Active park assist: A useful technology in the 2023 Ford Ranger to improve parking and reduce accidents, enhancing driver comfort

Key Features of the Ford Ranger Double Cab

The 2023 Ford Ranger available in Saudi Arabia offers several features, including:

  • Comfortable Interior Space: Accommodates passengers and loaded goods
  • Durability and Performance: Due to its sturdy and robust structure, it can withstand tough roads and harsh conditions
  • Advanced Security Technologies: Includes navigation system, collision detection system, and driver assistance system
  • Powerful and Efficient Engines: The Ranger Diesel 2023 can handle continuous use with strong performance
  • Strong and Elegant Design: Combines elegance and strength in its exterior designs

Price of the 2023 Ford Ranger

Prices for the Ford Double Cab vary based on the selected features and model. Prices are influenced by several factors such as the engine and interior and exterior designs.

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We have covered the specifications of the 2023 Ford Ranger, its systems, engines, interior and exterior designs, safety systems, and the key features of the 2023 Ford Ranger. We have also reviewed the prices of the car.