know the advantages and disadvantages of the new Toyota Yaris 2024

5 months ago

The Toyota Yaris 2024 is a fourth-generation Japanese car that falls under the category of compact sedans. The Toyota Yaris 2024 earns its reputation for its economic value and fuel efficiency. Toyota has introduced a level of excellence in the Yaris that combines elegance and practicality.


Despite its relatively small size, the Toyota Yaris boasts impressive specifications. It is an economical and energy-efficient car with advanced technology that caters to the needs of individuals and families, ensuring an enjoyable and safe driving experience.


Yaris 2024 comes with an attractive and stylish design, starting from its sharp headlights that give it a distinct and appealing look. The exterior design features smooth and curved lines that reduce resistance and fuel consumption.

Specifications of Toyota Yaris Y


The Toyota Yaris 2024 comes with an impressive engine. The Toyota Yaris 2024 features a 1.3-liter, 4-cylinder engine and several other specifications, including:


  • The Yaris stands out with its 1.3 cc gasoline engine, combining power with fuel efficiency.

  • The Toyota Yaris Plus 2024 features 16-inch alloy wheels.

  • The Yaris offers a horsepower of 97, providing the driver with an enjoyable and flexible driving experience.

  • It also includes many front sensors and rear sensors by car.

  • A rear fog light on the car so that you can see clearly at night.

  • The car also features a strong torque system of 122 Newton/meter at 4200 rpm, enabling smooth acceleration and overtaking.

  • The driver can control the audio system through the steering wheel.

  • It has a CVT automatic transmission, improving fuel efficiency.

  • Among the Yaris specifications, it includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems.

  • The car is available in various colors, including silver, red, white, gray, black, and carmine.

Fuel efficiency of the Yaris 2024:

The ability to save fuel is a well-known feature of the Toyota Yaris. Experts estimate that the Toyota Yaris can achieve an average fuel consumption of around 22.4 kilometers per liter. This reflects the car's strong driving system, advanced engineering design, and technology used to help reduce fuel consumption.


Fuel efficiency is one of the prominent features that make this car your optimal choice, providing users with an economical driving experience and being the ideal option for those who prefer to reduce the cost of the car and preserve the environment.


The exterior design of the Toyota Yaris Y

The 2024 Toyota yaris boasts a high-level and attractive exterior design that combines elegance with practicality. Its sleek design enhances the driving experience, meeting daily customer needs.


  • The car has enormous areas of the windshield, which serves to provide a clear view while driving.

  •  high-quality LED headlights.

  •  integrated signals in door mirrors for both aesthetics and safety.

  • halogen projector headlights.

  •  electrically foldable mirrors for improved visibility.

  •  daytime running lights for enhanced visibility and a stylish touch.

  •  body-coloured front mirrors.

  •  variable front spaces for improved aerodynamics and efficiency.


Distinguishing the Toyota Yaris Plus from the regular Yaris and Yaris X 2024 is the presence of integrated LED lighting in the rear lights.


Features of yaris y 2024

  • The rain sensor automatically activates the wipers.

  •  electronically operated power windows.

  •  foldable windows for convenient operation.

  •  powerful and automatically activated lighting based on ambient conditions.

  •  strong lighting when decelerating.

  •  sound-insulating front glass.

  •  Isofix seat for secure child seat installation.

  •  adjustable luggage compartment height for additional space.


Disadvantages of Yaris Y 2024

One of the most striking disadvantages of the car is noise at high speeds and on highways .


Interior design of the Toyota Yaris Y 2024

The Toyota Yaris Y 2024 offers a luxurious interior design that caters to daily driving needs and provides a fantastic experience for both passengers and drivers. 

  • Key features include adjustable driver seat height for comfortable driving positions.

  • A center console with cup holders for easy beverage enjoyment during trips.

  •  Air conditioning automatically disperses the air and automatically adjusts the temperature for greater comfort.

  •  Gray fabric roof linings adding a luxurious touch to the interior.

  • There are 3 rear headrests that can be adjusted in all directions, which helps to provide optimal comfort support for rear passengers.

  •   A 4.2-inch multi-color display screen.

  •  Bluetooth for remote connectivity with smart devices.

  •  multiple information display keys for easy access while driving. 

  • The car also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for effective and safe smartphone integration.

  • Other notable features include cruise control for maintaining a steady driving speed.

  •  USB connectivity for device connection and charging.

  •  A leather-covered steering wheel with audio system controls and cruise control buttons on the Yaris Y.

Distinguishing features between the Yaris Y and Yaris Plus

  • The Yaris includes a leather-wrapped steering wheel and adjustable steering on the Yaris Plus.

  • The Toyota y Plus features a 7-inch touch screen audio system with a user-friendly technological interface.

  • The Toyota y x features a 9-inch touchscreen audio system with a user-friendly technological interface.

  •  The Yaris Y has six speakers, whereas the Yaris Plus has four speakers. 

  • Notably, the Yaris Y 2024 includes front, side, and curtain airbags for both the driver and front passenger.


Installment prices for Toyota Yaris Y 2024


Toyota has introduced the Toyota Yaris Y 2024 in Saudi Arabia at attractive prices, and they provide installment options to make their cars accessible with ease. Explore the car offers in Saudi Arabia for convenient installment plans now.