Specifications and features of the new Toyota RAV4 2024 in Saudi Arabia

2 months ago

Toyota RAV4 2024 is considered one of the most sought-after automatic transmission-equipped SUVs in the market. It's a fully integrated family car with plush velvet seats for five occupants including the driver. It features a central lock from the front passenger door for child safety, one-touch window control, and remote control. It's also suitable for daily use due to its fuel economy, durability, and strength. Moreover, the price of Toyota RAV4 is reasonable compared to other cars with similar features in a higher price range. Financing options are available through Modern Car Supply Company. Toyota has introduced a wave of compact cars in the market, offering both regular and sport driving modes, alongside an attractive and elegant exterior design with three blended colors and a distinctive rear wing. Its interior boasts a spacious trunk, unique seat design, steering wheel, car accessories, and high-profile tires to assist in smooth and unique hill climbing without affecting the engine or the car's interior.

Specifications of Toyota RAV4 2024:

Equipped with a high-performance 2.0-liter four-cylinder four-wheel-drive engine suitable for daily use and fuel-efficient.
Fuel tank capacity of 55 liters with a consumption of 16 km/liter, generating a maximum power of 170 horsepower and torque of 203 Newton-meters.
Operates on a gasoline engine with an automatic transmission.
Features two driving modes: Normal mode for daily and family use, and Sport mode, which enhances fuel pedal response for greater acceleration.
Comes with 5 velvet-upholstered seats including the driver's seat, along with 6 cinematic sound speakers and adjustable air vents in the second row for uniform air distribution.
Equipped with 17-inch wheels suitable for driving on highlands and slopes without affecting engine performance.
Daytime running lights, fog LED lights, and halogen headlights for excellent visibility on highways and dark roads.
Front and rear sensors to minimize friction or impacts, remote engine start, and electric parking brake for accident prevention.
Electric side mirrors controlled remotely for ease of use.
Features cruise control and radar-based speed control to prevent speeding on roads with radar.
Comes with a multi-color information screen with a USB interface for the audio system, supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for safe smartphone usage while driving.

The exterior design of the Toyota RAV4

  • The exterior design features a distinctive front with large glass surfaces for clearer visibility while driving, harmonizing colors, integrated traffic signals in door mirrors, variable front spaces to adapt to different weather conditions, and halogen headlights.
  • A broad front grille adds an elegant sporty character to the car, along with smooth lines and thoughtful angles.
  • The rear wing enhances aesthetics while improving dynamic performance, driving control, and stability in turns, also contributing to fuel efficiency by reducing air resistance.

Interior design of Toyota RAV4:

  • Front and rear seats upholstered in velvet leather.
  • Armrests and foldable cup holders in the front and rear seats for increased comfort during long trips.
  • Three adjustable headrests in the rear seats for added comfort.
  • Clear color coordination between the steering wheel, display screen, and comfortable seats.
  • Separate window and door control buttons for each door, consolidated in the driver's door for increased safety, especially with children using the child lock from inside.
  • Comes with an 8-inch multi-color touchscreen.
  • Features steering wheel control buttons for easy access to information while driving.
  • Large rear storage box connected to the rear seats for easy use.

Disadvantages of Toyota RAV4:

One of the prominent drawbacks of previous versions of Toyota RAV4 was road noise, but this has been overcome in the Toyota RAV4 2024 with 6 speakers distributed inside the car to help isolate road noise.

Price of Toyota RAV4:

Toyota RAV4 2024 has been introduced to the Saudi Arabian car market with varying prices in exhibitions. However, financing options are available at the Modern Car Supply exhibition without the need for an initial payment, along with free thermal insulation. This exhibition is accredited for all types of banks.