Learn about the new Nissan Kicks 2025, categories and prices

1 month ago

The Nissan Kicks 2025 is one of the best compact SUVs in Nissan's lineup and has been highly popular since the launch of its first generation. The Kicks 2025 marks the debut of the second generation after an eight-year hiatus, with the first generation released in 2016. The car has undergone extensive enhancements, particularly in design and technology, and features improved interior fittings. Additionally, the Nissan Kicks 2025 is larger than its predecessor, providing more cabin space and increased storage capacity.

Nissan Kicks 2025 Engine:

The specifications of the Nissan Kicks 2025 have significantly improved compared to its previous versions, featuring:

  • Gasoline engine with 4 combustion cylinders
  • Naturally aspirated
  • Engine capacity of 2000 cc (2.0 liters)
  • Engine power of 139 horsepower
  • Maximum torque of 190 Nm
  • Available in both all-wheel drive (AWD) and front-wheel drive (FWD) variants

These specs represent a notable upgrade from the previous generation, with the engine power increased by about 17 horsepower and maximum torque improved by 36 Nm. Additionally, this generation introduces all-wheel drive for the first time in Nissan Kicks' history, along with new driving modes such as a snow-driving mode.

Nissan Kicks 2025 Dimensions:

  • Length: 4.37 meters
  • Width: 1.80 meters
  • Overall height: 1.63 meters
  • Ground clearance: 21.4 cm

The wheelbase differs slightly between the FWD and AWD versions:

  • FWD wheelbase: 2.657 meters
  • AWD wheelbase: 2.664 meters

These dimensions indicate that the Kicks 2025 offers more interior space and comfort, as well as greater storage capacity compared to its predecessors.

Nissan Kicks 2025 Design:

The new generation of Nissan Kicks boasts a completely different design from the previous generation. It has moved away from the V-Shape design and now features a boxy front end with a powerful and aggressive look, characterized by thick horizontal black lines seamlessly integrated with the black grille and a sporty roof with a panoramic sunroof.

The new Nissan Kicks comes in three trims:

  • Nissan Kicks 2025 S
  • Nissan Kicks 2025 SV
  • Nissan Kicks 2025 SR

Nissan Kicks 2025 Price:

Nissan is expected to launch the latest model of the Kicks 2025 by the end of this summer, with prices ranging from $20,000 to $25,000 USD (equivalent to approximately 75,000 to 93,000 SAR). This positions the Kicks 2025 as an economical compact SUV and one of the most affordable AWD vehicles in Saudi Arabia. With this pricing strategy, Nissan is set to enter a competitive market with real value, diverse modern technologies, and high quality at an economical price point. Note that these prices are estimates, and the actual prices will be announced once the car is officially launched, with detailed information available from Modern Supply Company.