review the specifications of the Nissan Xtrail SV 2023 in Saudi Arabia

5 months ago

TheNissan XTrail SV made its spectacular debut standing out on the global automotive stage as a masterpiece in the world of SUVs. 

It emerged as the top choice for SUVs, blending its unique design with impressive technology to deliver an exceptional driving experience, The car is unparalleled in the world of SUVs.


In this detailed report, we will uncover various aspects of this car, examiningNissan XTrail SV Specifications, financing options and Nissan XTrail SV installment, and focusing on its key features and also the Disadvantages of Nissan XTrail SV 2023 to provide a comprehensive overview that will assist you in making an your decision when purchasing your favorite car.

Nissan XTrail SV Specifications and overview

Nissan X Trail SV 4x4 has successfully combined unique design with exceptional performance, making it stand out as one of the best family SUVs. Equipped with modern technology and engines boasting remarkable performance, it offers a delightful driving experience summarized as follows:


The car accommodates up to 7 passengers, with an engine capacity of 2.5 liters and generating power up to 181 horsepower. It features a 4-cylinder engine and is equipped with 8 airbags for safety. Running on petrol, the fuel tank has a capacity of 60 liters, with a fuel consumption rate of 15.4 km/liter. The Xtronic CVT® automatic transmission makes driving smooth and efficient.


Nissan XTrail SV 2023 belongs to the category of distinguished family SUVs with 4x4 capabilities. 

It also includes rear sensors that facilitate parking by alerting the driver to unseen areas, ensuring the safety of the vehicle, Additionally front sensors warn the driver of any obstacles.


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Nissan XTrail SV exterior design

Nissan XTrail SV excels with its attractive exterior design. 

The exterior design features LED headlights and taillights, daytime running lights, as well as front fog lights. 

It also includes electrically adjustable side mirrors with LED turn signals, a rear spoiler, roof rails, bumpers, front and rear glass areas, and gear shift keys.


Nissan XTrail SV 2023 interior design

Nissan XTrail SV, the 4x4 family car vehicle, boasts a spacious and comfortable cabin with fabric-upholstered seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The steering system is manual, complemented by an information screen to assist the driver, Audio and phone controls as well as cruise control, are accessible from the steering wheel. 

Additionally, the Nissan XTrail SV 2023 offers remote control for the car's doors and engine ignition, with a start/stop engine button. 

The driver's seat is adjustable electrically in six directions, while the passenger seat adjusts manually in four directions, and The third-row seats are fully foldable to expand the cargo space in the trunk, with floor lighting and climate control for the rear seats.

The trim levels of the Nissan XTrail SV 2023

The available trim levels of this exceptional car vary, offered by altamwean al hadith in Riyadh, where our showroom provides financing systems for the Nissan XTrail SV and all its available trim levels.


The trim levels of the Nissan XTrail SV offer a significant degree of similarity, but with some individual differences to cater to every buyer's preferences, The differences are as follows:


Nissan X-Trail SV Front-Wheel Drive

This variant does not feature fog lights or roof rails. 

It has front-wheel drive, 17-inch wheels, seating for 5 people, and fuel consumption of 16.1 km/liter, There is no engine start/stop button or remote engine start.


Nissan X-Trail SV Plus

This distinctive car has all-wheel drive 4x4 and seats for 7 passengers. It comes with an electric panoramic sunroof and a hands-free power liftgate. 

Fuel consumption is 15.4 km/liter, with 18-inch wheels, and The third-row seats fold completely to expand the storage space in the trunk.


Nissan XTrail SV 2023 features

Nissan XTrail SV plus 2023 with its ample features, boasts a range of excellent qualities, its outstanding fuel efficiency is suitable for traveling , to its luxurious interior design and advanced technology, and even its performance on rough terrains, the vehicle ensures a luxurious and safe driving experience for all family members. Now, let's review the safety, technology, entertainment features, and ease of use of the car as follows:


Ease and Comfort Factors:

  •  Cruise control system.

  •  Remote engine start.

  •  Electric side mirrors.

  •  Remote access.

  •  Power windows.

  •  Steering wheel controls.

  •  Engine start/stop button.

  •  Third-row seats.

  •  Automatic door locks.

  •  Multi-zone air conditioning.


Entertainment and Technological Factors in the Nissan XTrail SV 2023 Plus:

  •  USB connectivity.

  •  Safety system.

  •  Apple CarPlay.

  •  Android Auto.

  •  Parking assist.

  •  CD player.

  •  AUX input.

  •  Bluetooth.

  •  6 speakers.

  •  Electric rear trunk.

  • Entertainment screen.


Safety Factors:

  •  warning system for Blind-spot.

  •  Theft protection system.

  •  Tire pressure monitoring sensor.

  •  Anti-lock braking system.

  •  Stability control system.

  •  Lane departure warning system.

  •  Standard, sport, and ice driving modes.

  •  Child seat restraint system.

  •  Traction control system.

  •  Brake assist system.

  •  Hill descent control system.

  •  Automatic collision prevention system.


Disadvantages of Nissan XTrail SV 2023 

Despite its excellence the Nissan XTrail SV 2023 may face some potential Disadvantages.

A thorough review of its weaknesses is necessary to provide a complete picture for users of this vehicle.


  •  Neither of the two models provided feature a sunroof.

  •  The Nissan XTrail SV 2023 variant offers only 5 seats.

  •  Manual steering wheel adjustment.


Nissan XTrail SV installment

In addition to its outstanding performance, altamwean showroom in Riyadh offers you flexible and distinctive financing options for you to own the 2023 Nissan XTrail SV easily , these options are tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers, allowing those interested in owning this unique vehicle to benefit from easy financing plans. 

This makes owning the perfect family car possible, Contact us now to learn more.


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