Review the 2023 Nissan Xterra car categories and prices in Saudi Arabia

5 months ago

Nissan company has excelled in the car world with its new release of the famous Nissan Xterra, It's not just a car, it's a symbol of luxury and exceptional performance. 

It also managed to combine elegance and power, this car comes with numerous enhancements that enhance the driving experience and shows Nissan's commitment to meeting the expectations of the versatile sports car lovers.


In this report, we will delve into the details of the Nissan Xterra 2023, as well as financing options for Nissan cars and more. 

From its outstanding interior and exterior design to its powerful engines incorporating the latest technologies, We'll also take a look at the Disadvantages of Nissan Xterra and what this car lacks, as well as the Nissan xterra 2023 features that have made it an indispensable choice.


nissan xterra Specification

This exceptional car, Nissan Xterra, is packed with a range of features that distinguish it from others in its class, It belongs to the family SUV category, featuring rear-wheel drive , a 2.5-liter engine generating power up to 165 hp with 4 cylinders. It comes with an automatic transmission and runs on petrol fuel, with a fuel consumption rate of 11.2 kilometers /liter.

Additionally, the Nissan Xterra Titanium 2023 is equipped with comfortable seats and airbags for driver and passengers , offering a fuel tank capacity of 80 liters. The dimensions of the Nissan Xterra Titanium are as follows:


  • Length: 4.900 meters
  • Width: 1.865 meters
  • Height: 1.865 meters
  • Wheelbase: 2.850 meters


These specifications are specific to the Nissan Xterra Titanium 2023, As for the Nissan Xterra S 2.5 2023 which offered also by altamwean showroom , it comes with the following specifications: It is a family SUV with a front-wheel-drive system, a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters, generating power up to 165 hp . The Xterra S 2023 features 7 comfortable  seats, an automatic gear , and a gasoline consumption rate of 11.4 kilometers /liter, It also has a fuel tank capacity of 80 liters.

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nissan xterra 2023 exterior design

The Nissan Xterra 2023 stands out with its luxurious and unique appearance, which contains the following features: LED daytime running lights, fog lights, and LED headlights for both front and rear.

The car is equipped with a smart entry system, while the door handles and side mirrors are made of  chrome and electrically adjustable, it also has rear sensors for parking , a rear spoiler, sound and heat insulation, aluminum wheels size 19 inches ,front grille as same as the car color, electronic front and rear windows, including electronically operated rear trunk opening /closing. 

Additionally, the Nissan Xterra Titanium comes with off-road-specific valves.


nissan xterra 2023 interior design

The car has been uniquely designed internally to successfully represent luxury. It provides comfortable and luxurious seats covered in velvet with electric control, heating /cooling functions, and foldable rear seats as it gives more Storage space . 

The Xterra Titanium is equipped with a center console box, central locking, air conditioning manually , sports pedals, an engine cover, and a multi-information display screen, power outlets. 

Additionally, it features a rearview camera to assist with blind-spot visibility,19-inch chrome wheels.


nissan xterra 2023 features

Altamwean al hadith showroom has ensured to provide the Nissan Xterra Titanium, a huge SUV with a sporty appearance and filled with exceptional features such as entertainment features, safety factors, and everything that ensures ease of use and entertainment, in addition to the distinctive fuel efficiency of the car. The following are the most prominent factors:


Ease and Comfort Factors:

  •  Automatic steering wheel adjustment.
  •  Seat climate control.
  •  Cruise control in the Nissan Xterra Titanium 2023.
  •  Remote entry and remote window opening.
  •  speakers.
  •  Automatic dimming mirror.
  •  audio controls from Steering wheel.
  •  Wireless speakers.
  •  Touchscreen displays.
  •   Rain-sensing wipers.
  •  Night vision system.
  •  Electric sunroof.


Entertainment and Technological Factors:

  •  Radio.
  •  GPS.
  •  High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI).
  •  Cigarette lighter.
  •  Microphone.
  •  AUX.
  •  USB ports.
  •  CD player.
  •  Bluetooth.
  •  Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Safety Factors:

  •  Object detection system.
  •  Anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  •  Automatic door lock.
  •  Collision detection.
  •  Stability control.
  •  Traction control.
  •  Automatic steering control (AUC).
  •  Airbags.
  •  Wheel locks against theft.
  •  Hill climb and descent assistance system.
  •  ISOFIX child seat anchors.


Factors of similarity and difference between the Nissan Xterra 2023 and Nissan Xterra S 2023 models



  • Both share a 2.5-liter gasoline engine.
  • The engine in both models generates power up to 165.
  • Both Nissan Xterra 2023 and Nissan Xterra S 2023 belong to the family SUV class.
  • The fuel tanks in both models are 80 liters.
  • Both Nissan Xterra 2023 and Nissan Xterra S 2023 have 7 seats .
  • Both vehicles come with an automatic gear.



  • Nissan Xterra S 2023 comes with a front-wheel-drive system, while Nissan Xterra 2023 features a rear-wheel-drive system.
  • Features such as the automatic steering system and available entertainment and technology systems may differ between the two models.


Disadvantages of Nissan Xterra

Despite the numerous advantages that Nissan Xterra Titanium offers, making it one of the standout vehicles in its class, it does have some drawbacks, which may be relative to some individuals, summarized as follows:


  • While the car is designed for family use, it comes with a rear-wheel-drive system, which is not as powerful as 4x4.
  • Nissan Xterra Titanium only has 4 cylinders, which may be considered less than ideal for some drivers.
  • The car does not come with the automatic folding feature for side mirrors.


nissan xterra 2023 prices

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The Nissan Xterra 2023 stands out with a wide range of unique features that make it a distinctive choice for families. Nissan has paid attention to several factors, equipping the car with various systems that make it a safe haven for families. Safety features have been prioritized, equipping it with various systems such as the child seat restraint system and other distinctive systems that distinguish the Nissan Xterra 2023, making it one of the top cars in its class.