Prices and specifications of the MG RX Five 2024

2 months ago

The MG RX5 2024 is one of the most sought-after front-wheel-drive cars with automatic transmission in the market, as it is a comprehensive family car designed with a spacious cabin accommodating 5 seats made of velvet, including the driver's seat. It exceeds other British cars in this price range and stands out as a family car equipped with modern technologies that combine fun and power at the same time. It operates with central locking for safety and child protection, including ISOFIX feature for securing child seats. It's equipped with remote control for remote door opening and features keyless smart entry. The MG RX5 also comes with high-profile tires that aid in smooth driving on rough roads or slopes without negatively affecting the engine or the car's underside.

Additionally, this version of the MG RX5 2024 features an attractive and modern exterior design that suits all tastes, with a panoramic sunroof that provides a wonderful riding experience inside the car. Notably, the MG RX5 offers excellent value for its price when compared to other cars with similar features but in a higher price range. The option for financing the MG RX5 through Modern Supply Company for Cars is available, making it accessible to a wider range of customers.

Specifications of the MG RX5 2024:

The MG RX5 2024 comes with a performance-oriented engine with several features, such as:

  • Front-wheel-drive 1.5-liter engine with four cylinders, offering economical fuel consumption.
  • The fuel tank capacity of the MG RX5 is 55 liters, with a fuel consumption of 15.3 km/l.
  • The maximum power of the engine is 171 horsepower with a torque of 275 Newton-meters.
  • The car operates in one driving mode, the normal mode, making it safer and less prone to accidents.
  • The MG RX5 2024 features cruise control with consideration for traffic movement around the car.
  • To enhance the car's safety, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) has
  • been activated, providing more safety for drivers and passengers by reducing wheel lock-up chances and preventing the MG RX5 2024 from slipping during intense braking.
  • The MG RX5 stands out from its competitors in the market with its high-profile wheels, coming in at 19 inches, distinguishing it from others and preserving the engine and internal parts of the car from any external friction. It's equipped with four speakers inside to distribute sound evenly throughout the car, making long trips more enjoyable and isolating the car from external noises.

The car's daytime lights operate with bright LED technology for clearer visibility during the day, with fog lights clarifying visibility in foggy conditions to reduce traffic accidents. The MG RX5 2024 also features halogen headlights to make the car's driving experience more enjoyable and clearer.

The car is equipped with a smart entry system with front and rear sensors for parking assist, along with a 360-degree camera, making the interior view of the MG RX5 2024 completely clear from all directions and minimizing the risk of collisions when parking or driving.

Additionally, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems have been activated within the MG RX5, along with an HDMI information screen and a USB interface for the audio system. This helps in using mobile devices while driving, answering calls or messages without affecting driving, or distracting the driver, with an advanced navigation system for locating the vehicle on the map, displaying maps clearly, and providing guidance for directions, all on the car's internal screen. The remote engine start feature reduces accidents and hazards, in addition to an electric parking brake. The gear lever of the MG RX5 2024 is made of leather for easy control.

The car's systems include a cruise control system suitable for use on highways to prevent exceeding the speed limit on the road and is suitable for beginners learning to drive to prevent exceeding the safe speed for them.

Exterior Design of the MG RX5 2024:

The car is distinguished by an elegant and attractive exterior design with coordinated and modern colors, along with a distinctive front grille. It comes with door handles made of chrome for maximum durability with the strongest scratch and dust resistance. The MG RX5 comes with electrically controlled side mirrors for clear road visibility and greater flexibility. Equipped with an automatic tailgate, adding convenience to closing or opening the door automatically, enhancing the car's elegance and advancement over other modern cars. The rear lights in the MG RX5 2024 are made with LED technology, consuming less energy and fuel than conventional lights, contributing to fuel savings and maintaining the battery's lifespan. LEDs also have a longer lifespan than conventional lights, making them a more optimal choice for a longer lifespan.

Interior Design of the MG RX5:

The most distinctive feature of this car's interior design, enhancing its elegance and beauty, is that the MG RX5 version is equipped with a panoramic roof that allows passengers to clearly see the sky, adding a scenic view to the car as if the sky has become a part of it, providing natural illumination to the vehicle, making it more vibrant and active. The car comfortably accommodates 5 people inside, with seats made of comfortable velvet. The driver's seat can be adjusted electrically in 6 different directions, and the front passenger seat manually in 4 different directions for greater comfort on long trips. The MG RX5 2024 is considered a car for transporting luggage, as the rear seats can be folded in a 60/40 split, providing larger storage space. It has an 8-inch screen in the middle of the front for use with the navigation system inside the car or for displaying videos inside the car clearly.

Price of the MG RX5:

The MG RX5 2024 has been introduced to the markets in the Arab Gulf and specifically in Saudi Arabia with varying prices. It has also been offered by Modern Supply Company for Cars with the ability to finance the MG RX5 through them with varying monthly installments tailored to customers, offering free heat insulation for cars without the need for an initial payment from the total price of the car. It's an authorized showroom in all banks within the Kingdom.