Everything you want to know about the new MG 5 2023 cars in Saudi Arabia

2 months ago

The MG 5 2023 is considered a suitable car for work or leisure, providing you with a comfortable and practical journey. MG cars are created in Britain and assembled in China. The MG 5 2023 has been introduced in three different models:

  1. STD
  2. COM
  3. DEL

These models come with distinctive features and spacious interiors suitable for family use, offering happy moments and safe, stylish driving. It's no secret that MG always strives to provide maximum capabilities and high power in its cars. One of its best and most wonderful releases was the MG 5, which fulfilled all requirements and capabilities at an affordable price and with a warranty period of up to 6 years or 200,000 kilometers, ensuring its quality and the company's confidence in its releases.

Overview of MG 5 2023 features:

The MG 5 2023 provides a unique experience with unmatched entertainment technology features such as support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a touchscreen. The interior cabin of the MG 5 2023 is equipped with Bluetooth inputs, an internal screen displaying driver and control information, and a sound system for clear and enhanced sound. Additionally, it features a smart 360-degree camera for clear visibility and sensors to avoid accidents.

Designed with a spacious and wide design to be comfortable for both the driver and passengers, with dimensions including a length of 4,601 mm, a width of 1,818 mm, a height of 1,489 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,680 mm. The rear trunk size is 512 liters.

Specifications of MG 5 2023 include

  • Engine: 1500 cc
  • Four-cylinder engine
  • Torque: 150 Newton
  • CVT automatic transmission
  • 110 horsepower
  • Fuel consumption: 19.5 km/liter
  • Halogen headlights
  • Electric side mirrors
  • LED taillights
  • Cruise control system
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Front airbags
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Tire pressure monitoring system

Interior design of MG 5 2023

The MG 5 2023's full interior cabin is designed to be spacious and comfortable, offering comfort and luxury. The seats are made of velvet and can be adjusted in more than one position, with electric adjustment available in 4 modes. The rear seats are designed to be spacious and comfortable for sitting without hassle. The interior cabin is equipped with speakers for clear and enhanced sound, along with USB ports for easy phone connection. The car's air conditioning system covers the front and rear seats and purifies the air. The storage space is large, with multiple storage places and a large trunk space of up to 512 liters.

Exterior design of MG 5 2023:

The MG 5 2023's full exterior design is designed to impress with its modern capabilities and wonderful design, combining elegance, performance, and strength.


  • Bold and attractive appearance: characterized by smooth lines and sharp edges.
  • Flowing roofline design: creates a sense of spaciousness and fluidity in the design.
  • Wide dimensions: give the MG 5 2023 a prominent presence on the road.
  • LED daytime running lights and rear lights: provide clear visibility in all weather conditions.
  • 16-inch aluminum wheels: provide smooth and comfortable driving.

the cons of MG 5:

The MG 5 2023 is classified for its many features, yet there are some minor drawbacks in its releases, such as the similarity of designs for some, including exterior appearance and colors, which are largely similar. The rear windows may be slightly smaller than usual in the MG 5 2023 design. However, it is one of the best categories in that segment in terms of capabilities and competitive price, especially with the extended warranty up to 6 years against manufacturing defects.

Prices and Financing for MG 5

Prices for the MG 5 model vary depending on the trim, but the average for the three versions is within reach and not far-fetched. It's worth noting that the MG 5 2023 has been added to the list of the modern supply company, which provides customers with a suitable repayment period with monthly and yearly installments according to the installment plan followed, and the value is obtained without interest to meet customers' desires and provide them with peace of mind.