Price and specifications of the GAC GS3 2024

2 months ago

The GAC GS3 2024 stands out in the market with its elegant design and strong performance. It has a sporty and modern character, reflected in its sporty wheels. It is one of the most sought-after cars in the market due to its front-wheel-drive system, which operates with an automatic transmission and two different driving modes. It offers many comfort features desired by any customer, being made of leather and considered a family car with a sporty touch. It accommodates 5 seats, including the driver's seat with seat belts for all seats and seat anchors to secure passengers during the journey, reducing the risk of injury at high speeds or during sudden braking.

Specifically, the GAC GS3 is one of the safest sports cars for family use, blending speed, ease, and safety for passengers. Jack Motors GS3 has made several modifications to the engine and added new features like the distinctive EMZOOM system in this version compared to previous ones. The prices of the GS3 vary in the markets within Saudi Arabia and the entire Gulf region. The Modern Supplies Company for Cars offers the GS3 on installments without the need for an initial payment, with the ability to benefit from a free car sunshade provided by the company.

Specifications of the GAC GS3

Engine: 1.5CC with 16 valves and equipped with a turbo system that increases engine efficiency by increasing the amount of air entering the cylinders using a turbofan, improving overall car performance and driving experience.
The GAC GS3 2024 operates on gasoline with EcoBoost available, an environmentally friendly system that makes the car's fuel consumption economical at 18.3 km/l, enhancing the car's advantages compared to others with larger engines.
The torque of the car is relatively high, enhancing the efficiency and performance of the GAC GS3 2024, with a torque of 270 Newton meters contributing to acceleration and the ability to travel with heavy loads, as well as facilitating crossing rough roads.
The car operates with a distinctive front-wheel-drive automatic transmission, making it fuel-efficient with good stability control and even load distribution, along with two different driving modes: normal mode for daily and family use, and sport mode for racing or high-speed enthusiasts while maintaining balance.
The maximum power of the engine in the GAC GS3 is 174 horsepower with a tank capacity of 47 km/l.
The car is characterized by many safety features, including dual front airbags, dual side airbags, hill hold control (HHC), and hill descent control (HDC), making it ideal for unpaved roads or deserts due to its high performance in the desert.
The GS3 2024 also features rear parking sensors to protect it from collisions when parking, along with a surround-view camera system that facilitates viewing the car's dimensions and surrounding space with ease and flexibility. The adaptive cruise control system contributes to protecting the car and passengers from sudden shocks by reducing the car's speed when approaching any object, ensuring general safety.

The remote engine start system available in the GS3 2024 provides more convenience to drivers, allowing them to start the car before reaching it, making it ready to go when the driver arrives. It enables the driver to warm up the car in winter before getting into it and to start the air conditioner in summer to cool the car from the inside, providing much more comfort for passengers and drivers without the need for more time before the trip to prepare the car for departure.

The car also has an electric parking brake that enhances safety, being faster in response than regular handbrakes and operating with higher accuracy, distributing force evenly on the brakes to reduce slipping and enhance the car's stability.

Design of the GAC GS3 from the Inside:

Designed by Jack Motors GS3 with five elegant leather seats in a fusion of black and beige colors, each with safety belts, along with 6 speakers distributed inside the car and a USB interface for the audio system and an additional MP3 input for a cinematic sound experience.
The driver's seat can be adjusted electronically, while the front passenger seat can be adjusted manually for more comfort during long trips or on unpaved roads.
This version of the GAC GS3 2024 is equipped with ventilated seats, considered a luxurious feature in the automotive field, improving seat ventilation to reduce heat or moisture on the seat surface, making it a favorite choice for most users in different climatic conditions.
There are air conditioning vents for the front and rear seats for better heat distribution inside the car.
A panoramic sunroof with 3 headrests in the rear seats enhances the GS3 2024's sky-viewing experience, providing unprecedented cinematic views of different natural landscapes through it along with the side curtains inside the car.
There is a 10.25-inch information screen with an HDMI interface, enabling Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems and Bluetooth, adding flexibility in receiving or making calls while driving, along with a wireless charger for mobile phones.

Design of the GAC GS3 Exterior:

  • The car comes with distinctive 19-inch wheels and hidden electric door handles.
  • Electrically operated side mirrors with automatic folding.
  • Bright daytime running lights with fog lights, front, and rear lights made of LEDs, making the car fuel-efficient and with a longer lifespan than other lights.
  • A rear trunk door for easy control with a rear wing giving the car an elegant and modern look.

Prices of the GAC GS3:

The prices of the GAC GS3 vary in the markets depending on its versions, each with higher capabilities and more internal features for the car. The prices of these versions and the services for GS3 installments in different places vary, and the prices of the car are as follows:

  • GS3 EMZOOM Sport Plus car at a price of SAR 76,990.
  • GS3 EMZOOM GL Plus car at a price of SAR 75,840.
  • GS3 EMZOOM GB car at a price of SAR 66,550.