The best 5 family cars in Saudi Arabia

3 months ago

The family cars in Saudi Arabia are now considered indispensable vehicles, as they have been classified as one of the most important means of meeting the needs of families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, we will review the best family car in Saudi Arabia, as it offers many advantages that make it the ideal choice for families. These cars are characterized by their spacious size, providing passengers with comfortable space for movement and also for goods.

Family cars in Saudi Arabia are available in several shapes and models to suit all aspirations and needs. Attention has been paid to their designs to make them practical and modern.


As the automotive industry continues to evolve, car manufacturers are still continuing the innovation that knows no bounds. Each year, car manufacturers surprise us with a new wave of stunning family cars to the Saudi car market, promising to provide consumers with the latest technology, best performance, and the best prices for family cars in Saudi Arabia, which come within reach of a large segment of people. Therefore, you can easily find the best economical family car.

The best family-friendly cars in Saudi Arabia

In this report, we will review a range of cars to determine the best family car in Saudi Arabia, highlighting affordable family cars, including 7-seater family cars. We will also discuss the prices of family cars in Saudi Arabia and the key features that make these cars popular among families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Hyundai Tucson 2024

Hyundai has always aimed to combine comfort and dynamic performance in its cars, making it an intriguing choice. The Hyundai Tucson 2024 has captured attention with its attractive and luxurious design, along with its advanced interior details. It has also managed to meet customer expectations with unique performance and an enjoyable driving experience.

The most prominent specifications and features of Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson 2024 boasts a distinctive set of features that set it apart from other cars in its class, making it the best family car. altamwean offered this car with the following dual front-wheel drive features:

  • Advanced Performance: The Tucson 2024 comes with a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine generating up to 156 horsepower. It's equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission and runs on petrol. It achieves a fuel consumption rate of 13.4 kilometers per liter, thanks to its 62-liter fuel tank. The car is equipped with rear sensors for easy object detection, aiding in parking.
  • Unique Exterior Design: The Tucson 2024's design is characterized by its sporty appearance and exceptional front end with a dual exhaust system and a rear wing featuring a high-mounted stop lamp. It also includes automatic headlights and daytime running lights, LED lights, 17-inch wheels, and electric side mirrors.
  • Exceptional Interior Cabin: The spacious interior of the Tucson 2024 provides ample room for movement, offering 5 seats with comfortable shapes. The driver's seat height is adjustable for added comfort during long drives. Additionally, the luggage space behind the car can be expanded. Cup holders and storage spaces are available in the central console, glove compartment, doors, and rear seats, along with USB connections.
  • Advanced Safety Features: The car is equipped with advanced safety features like stability control, traction control, brake assist technology, and hill-start assist.


altamwean Company offers three models of the Hyundai Tucson 2024: Tucson Smart 2024, Tucson Smart 1.6 2024, and Tucson Comfort 1.6 2024, each with some minor differences.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2024

The Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 is considered one of the best economical family cars, available at altamwean. It features a wonderful design and spacious interior to meet the needs of families seeking strong performance, elegant appearance, and comfort. The Hyundai Santa Fe stands out with its attractive and sophisticated design, blending dynamic lines on the sides of the car with modern textures.

The most prominent specifications and features of Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 comes with an exceptional package of specifications and exclusive features that distinguish it from other cars in the same category, making it the best economical family car, also known for its competitive price. Here are some of the features of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 with front-wheel drive:

  • Attractive exterior design: The Santa Fe 2024 stands out with its luxurious front fascia, large front grille, and sharp LED headlights, enhancing visibility.
  • Exceptional performance: The car is equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, such as the 2.5-liter engine producing 180 horsepower, providing remarkable power, quick responsiveness, and versatility in various driving conditions.
  • Spacious interior: The interior design offers ample space for passengers, providing a comfortable and roomy cabin. The Santa Fe can accommodate up to 5 passengers, making it ideal for large families and long adventures. Hyundai used high-quality materials to enhance passenger comfort.
  • Advanced technology and entertainment features: The Santa Fe 2024 is equipped with remarkable technological and entertainment features to ensure passengers' comfort and convenience. It includes a touchscreen infotainment system for entertainment during trips, a high-quality sound system with wireless smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, GPS, and a large touchscreen display.
  • High level of safety and technology: The Santa Fe comes with advanced safety features such as front and rear sensors, automatic emergency braking system, and stability control system. It is also equipped with advanced information and entertainment technologies, including GPS and a large touchscreen display, among other features.


The Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 is one of the top contenders for the best family car in Saudi Arabia. It is the perfect choice for families looking for an affordable, elegant, and enjoyable driving experience for both the driver and passengers.

Chery Tiggo cars

The Chery Tiggo has gained widespread fame in the automotive world due to its exceptional features, propelling it to become the best family car in Saudi Arabia. It has distinguished itself with its elegant appearance and outstanding performance in a unique way, making it a perfect choice for individuals seeking the best economical family car.

The most prominent specifications and features of Chery Tiggo

The Chery Tiggo with front-wheel drive has shone with its unmatched features and specifications, positioning it as a top contender for the best family car in Saudi Arabia, thanks to its excellent specifications and exceptional performance. It stands out with its sleek design and exceptional exterior.

The features of the Chery Tiggo include:

  • Exceptional Exterior Design: The Tiggo boasts an exceptional exterior design that combines strength and elegance, with modern touches that make it shine wherever it goes. Its contemporary lines enhance its elegance and boldness. The front and rear LED lights provide distinctive illumination in all conditions. Additionally, illuminated door handles add a touch of luxury to the car. The Tiggo comes with stylish 18-inch alloy wheels and a unique front grille design that adds a touch of boldness. Electrically adjustable and foldable side mirrors, as well as power windows for the front and rear, are also available. The car features a single exhaust.
  • Luxurious Interior: Inside, the Chery Tiggo offers a luxurious and technologically advanced environment. High-quality materials are used throughout the cabin, and attention to detail ensures a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. The advanced design combines elegance with ample space for movement, making it the best family car. Luxurious leather-trimmed seats provide excellent comfort for passengers. The car features a high-definition touchscreen for entertainment and information systems, including GPS and smartphone connectivity. A high-quality sound system allows you to enjoy your favorite music with superior quality. Additionally, the car offers ample storage space for luggage. It also features dual-zone climate control, and the multifunction steering wheel is easy to control.
  • Exceptional Performance: The Chery Tiggo delivers outstanding and exceptional performance. It is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine generating up to 145 horsepower, with 4 cylinders. It runs on gasoline, with a fuel tank capacity of 51 liters and a consumption rate of 17.6 km/liter. The car comes with an automatic transmission, and audio controls are conveniently located on the steering wheel.
  • High-Level Safety Features: The Tiggo prioritizes safety, offering top-level safety features, including ESP, anti-theft system, driver's airbag, electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), passenger airbag, stability control system, tire pressure sensors, rear parking sensors, anti-lock braking system (ABS), and electronic stability control.


Overall, the Chery Tiggo stands out as the best economical family car, combining exceptional features, performance, and safety to provide a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience for both the driver and passengers.

Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4, whether it's the 2023 or 2024 model, has captivated attention with its outstanding specifications that have exceeded customer expectations. It possessed excellent design, advanced performance, and unmatched technologies, making it the best 7-seater family car, and also available in a 5-seater option for those who haven't searched for budget family cars, offering an exceptional driving experience.

The most prominent specifications and features of Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 with all-wheel drive is renowned among families for the array of advantages it has offered over the years since its release. It boasts luxurious design, unique performance, and incorporates essential technologies that enhance comfort for both the driver and passengers.

The key highlights of the RAV4 include:

  • It boasts a perfect and robust exterior design, featuring a distinctive front grille and elegant LED headlights that make the car stand out wherever it goes, instilling a sense of power.
  • The RAV4 excels in providing a spacious and comfortable cabin, available as a 7-seater or 5-seater family car. This versatility makes it the optimal choice for large families, equipped with comfort elements and advanced technologies that simplify handling.
  • It achieves the best performance among family cars, powered by a 2.0-liter engine producing 170 horsepower. Its fuel efficiency and smooth, powerful performance make the RAV4 the best economical family car.

Safety has been a top priority for the makers of the RAV4, who have provided it with the highest levels of safety features. It includes advanced technologies such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning system, and a 360-degree surround view camera system.

Nissan Xterra 2023

Nissan excelled with the release of its Nissan Xterra 2023, breaking all barriers of innovation and creativity. This luxurious car was designed with a strong appearance that allows it to confidently navigate any terrain it encounters. The vehicle came with numerous enhancements that enhance the driving experience and underscore Nissan's commitment to meeting the expectations of enthusiasts of versatile, sporty, multi-purpose family cars, which have been nominated to be the best family car.

The most prominent specifications and features Nissan X terra

The Nissan Xterra Titanium 2023 has garnered attention for its exceptional specifications and features, setting it apart from its counterparts in its class. Positioned as a family SUV with rear-wheel drive, it offers:

  • Strong performance with a 2.5-liter engine generating up to 165 horsepower, featuring a 4-cylinder configuration, automatic transmission, and running on gasoline. It boasts a fuel consumption rate of 11.2 kilometers per liter. The Xterra Titanium 2023 is equipped with seats and airbags, with a fuel tank capacity of 80 liters.
  • The Xterra 2023 stands out with its exceptional exterior design, featuring LED daytime running lights, fog lights, and front and rear LED lights. Additionally, the car is equipped with a smart entry system, chrome door handles and side mirrors, electrically adjustable side mirrors, sound and heat insulation, aluminum wheels, body-colored front grille, and power windows for the front and rear, with electronic opening and closing of the rear trunk. It also features off-road dedicated valves and 19-inch wheels.
  • The cabin exudes luxury and comfort, offering comfortable velour-upholstered seats with electric control and seat heating functions. The rear seats are foldable, and the Xterra Titanium comes with a center console box, central locking, manual air conditioning, sports pedals, power outlets, an engine cover, a multi-information display screen, and a rearview camera for blind-spot visibility.


The Xterra Titanium provides top-notch safety features, including motion detection technology, anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control, automatic steering control, airbags, theft-resistant wheel nuts, automatic door locking, collision detection, stability control, hill start and descent assist system, and ISOFIX for child seat attachment.

Family car prices in Saudi Arabia

You can now easily find the best prices for family cars in Saudi Arabia through Al-Tamwin Al-Hadith Company, thanks to its unique collection of affordable and innovative family cars. Our showroom has managed to provide these cars at the best prices that compete strongly in the automotive market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Contact the showroom now to learn more information about family car prices in Saudi Arabia comprehensively and seize the opportunity now.